About Us

Founded by Don LaDuca in 1980 and currently owned and operated by Jim and Fred House, our company functions as a manufacturers representative and distributor of building materials. The manufacturers that we represent are the finest in their fields, allowing us the unique opportunity to offer top-quality products and technical support at competitive prices.

Products we represent include Aluminum Composite Panels + Installation Systems by Laminators Incorporated, solid core Aluminum Composite Panels in conjunction with the EVO Rainscreen System, ATAS Metal Wall & Roof Systems, Argeton Terracotta Cladding, Corium Rainscreen Brick, EVOShield 2mm & 3mm aluminum plate system,  Rmax insulation solutions, Knotwood wood simulated non-combustible cladding, and Nelson interior ceiling solutions.

We also serve as a full service attachment system fabricator for completely engineered and tested Aluminum Composite Panel (ACM/MCM) installation systems. Architectural Building Products utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and has the highest quality control system in place to fabricate, package and ship, aluminum composite panel installation systems to contractors throughout the United States and Canada.

We offer our partners (architects, installers, general contractors, and developers) all the services that are required to complete their projects from the design phase through the installation phase. These services include design-assist, estimating, technical assistance, project management, field training and shop drawing services.

Whether it’s new construction or modernizations and retrofits, our experienced sales team has the product solutions to meet your needs.

We’re eager to assist our partners in fulfilling their project expectations and welcome your inquiries.